We provide training based on experiential learning to acquire competencies for your unique business situation, needs and budget. Our workshops engage participants through practice and self-reflection, they mirror your reality - and most importantly - deliver the performance results that you need whilst having fun.

You choose the appropriate delivery method to match your availability, logistics, location, number of participants and budget. Our experience ranges from traditional classroom-based workshops, supplementary training videos and films, to web-based e-learning and we partner with a wide range of associate companies should you require particular skills, software or resources.

Workshops we provide ▼

People Management 

Authentic Leadership and Management Skills
Coaching Skills for Managers 
Constructive Conflict Management 
Diversity and Inclusion
Feedback and Recognition Skills 
From Specialist to People Manager and Leader
Managing and Leading High Performance Teams
Managing Change and Building Resilience
​Women in Leadership

Performance Management 

Powerful Performance Conversations
Team Profile Analysis
Teambuilding (classroom and outdoor) 
Virtual Communications & Meetings 


Stress Management and Wellbeing
Building Resilience 
Managing Time and Priorities

Communication Skills 

Communicating and Influencing
Multicultural Communication
Unconscious Bias and Bodylanguage

Facilitation Skills 

Presentation Skills 
Train the Trainer Skills

Customer Service 

Customer Care and Great Service 
Telephone Service Skills (inbound /outbound)

Sales and Negotiations

Consultative Selling
Negotiation Skills
Value Based Selling 

Business Skills

Business Partner Skills
Crisis Management
Effective Business Writing
Finance for non-Financials