Our Story

CMCK Solutions is based in Switzerland and Singapore and specializes in the design and delivery of Applied Learning solutions on a worldwide basis. This means that we provide customers with a set of tools which ensure that participants attending our trainings are immediately able to use the newly acquired competencies back at work and keep track of their progress.

At the same time, Managers are able to measure and monitor staff performance once the training event is over. And finally recall increases significantly as a result of using Applied Learning techniques, which guarantees a high return on investment.

Our mission is to build long-term relationships to become our client’s preferred and trusted Learning & Development partner. We will meet and exceed our client’s expectations by delivering “Swiss” quality and business relevant solutions that have a lasting impact at an individual and organizational level.


Our values

Essential for our company

When we coach, train, facilitate or consult TRUST is essential. Any successful human relation and partnership is based on trust. Trust is one of our core values and both CMCK partners have built the foundation of CMCK Solutions based on their trust in each other and the team we work with.


Change is part of everyday life. We believe that when managing change successfully it is always an opportunity for growth. Whether as individual, team or entire organization CMCK help you to grow and develop so that any change is managed as natural part of evolution and growth.


We are passionate about everything we do. Our passion is infectious. We love what we do and we do what we love. CMCK are committed to always continue to transmit our passion to those we interact and work with.  

« CMCK strongly believes that people are your organization's greatest asset »